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Pre & Post Natal Care
Postpartum - The 4th Trimester



From around 6 weeks after birth, we can start to support you in the postpartum period. We offer a range of assessments to identify how your recovery is progressing and to address any concerns you may have, including: diastasis recti, pelvic floor, c-section scar and/or musculoskeletal pain.

C-section Scar Therapy

Scar therapy can be used to directly treat the scar tissue and adhesions around the C - section scar in order to improve the visible appearance and reduce pain/discomfort 

Stretching & Mobility


A great way to reintroduce movement again after birth is to start with gentle stretching and mobility exercises.

Starting with these types of exercises can be very helpful to your recovery in the postpartum period as they encourage you to reconnect with your body after birth and help to relieve any aches or pains you may have. 

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