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Pre & Post Natal Care
& Beyond


Postnatal Strength & Conditioning

A combined approach tailored to you, focused on rebuilding your body after birth by restoring fitness and function and strength.

You are more than welcome to bring your baby to the session, we love finding ways to include them and make training a fun experience for mum and baby :)

Ultrasound Guided Rehabilitation

Following assessments, it can be beneficial to bring ultrasound in as tool during exercise to help you visualise the muscles working in real time. This is an excellent way to transition from early postpartum stretching & mobility to postnatal exercise.

Manual Therapy


Being a mum is a huge achievement (read that again!)


We understand that early motherhood can impact the body in many ways and thats why we believe in looking after mums with one or more of our treatment modalities in a combined approach to help :

- RELAX the body and mind

- REDUCE aches and pains 

- RECOVER from exercise 

- RESTORE range of motion

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